What Can Be Done to Fix Broken Blood Vessels?

Although there is very little that a person can do to repair broken blood vessels with over-the-counter products, there are a number of solutions that a licensed dermatologist can use to remedy this issue. In NYC, Dr. Jonathan Zizmor regularly works with patients whose main concern is broken blood vessels around the nose and face.

The good news about having this problem around the nasal area in particular is that this type of issue is usually a benign problem that is not related to any underlying cancer or cell issues, explains Dr. Zizmor. Instead, broken blood vessels in the nasal area are usually caused by too much sun exposure.

Although there are several treatment options available to people with this issue, Dr. Zizmor says that the treatment of choice for a dermatologist in NYC is to inject the blood vessels with a special solution that will essentially destroy them and make the problem go away. This injection treatment also happens to be the easiest and most pain-free way to get rid of broken blood vessels in the face as well.

When undergoing treatment for broken blood vessels, Dr. Zizmor says that a patient can expect to have her dermatologist put a layer of numbing cream on her face to ensure she does not feel any pain around the injection site. Next, the dermatologist will probably inject a saline solution around the vessel. Assuming that the blood vessel is tight, blood will begin leaking out right away and the reddish hue in a person’s face will instantly disappear.

Dr. Zizmor says that this instant gratification is the reason so many women choose to undergo treatment for broken blood vessels rather than simply living with the condition or trying to cover it up with makeup. Although there are other injectable solutions that a dermatologist in NYC could use, saline is the most popular because it is the safest.

The second way to get rid of broken blood vessels around the face and nose is to burn them off with lasers. This is the preferred method for anyone who has a small patch or red area around the cheeks or chin. Using high-tech lasers, Dr. Zizmor can actually shatter the broken blood vessels, after which the blood vessels will be re-absorbed into the face.

Lasers are an effective solution for broken blood vessels on the face or for small patches of broken blood vessels on the legs as well. For larger patches of broken blood vessels on the legs—such as if a person has large, thick veins—lasers do not generally work as well, according to Dr. Zizmor.

Of course, financing these treatments can sometimes be difficult for patients. Concerns over paying for these types of cosmetic procedures is one of the biggest reasons why patients do not come in sooner, but Dr. Zizmor says that his office prides itself on helping patients find a way to pay for the treatments they desire.

A number of financing options are available for patients seeking cosmetic procedures—including plans with 0% interest—and Dr. Zizmor explains that the true cost of getting this type of work done is usually less than what most people anticipate. Many patients who call Dr. Zizmor’s office usually think they are going to need one particular course of treatment to achieve a desired result, when the truth is that they can often undergo much less intensive procedures and still come away with the results they were shooting for.

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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