What’s the Best Way to Deal with Unwanted Body or Facial Hair?

Unwanted hair on your face or your body can be embarrassing, inconvenient, and even painful to deal with. But for a small up-front investment of time and money, you could be free from worry about hair, stubble, and expensive hair removal services for good.

According to Yelena Nikolskaya of ONA Med Spa, laser hair removal is the best approach to unwanted facial or body hair for several reasons — and, perhaps surprisingly, cost is one of them. Nikolskaya, whose medical spa offers hair removal treatment in Beverly Hills, says that while there are pros and cons to all hair removal methods, laser hair removal is relatively quick, relatively comfortable, and provides the longest-lasting results.

What It Is

Unlike waxing, shaving or depilatories, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to unwanted body or facial hair. It’s performed using a device that selectively targets and super-heats hair follicles in treated areas, ultimately destroying them and preventing future hair growth.

Why It’s Best

For most of us, hair removal is a part of our daily rituals. We spend hours each month addressing unwanted hair, whether through shaving, plucking, waxing or other methods. And not only is hair removal a time commitment; it’s also costly. If you wax, there’s a good chance you do so (at significant expense) once a month. If you shave, there are razors, creams and lotions to buy. You may even find yourself buying a second product just to deal with the bumps and irritation left behind after waxing, shaving or using a depilatory.

That irritation is yet another unpleasant side effect of traditional hair removal methods. If you shave, you’re probably used to bandaging occasional nicks and cuts, and smoothing on creams to ward off painful razor burn. If you wax, you’ve no doubt dealt with burning and irritation after the fact (not to mention the pain you endure during the procedure itself).

“These are things you’re going to be dealing with all your life,” says Nikolskaya. “You do it every day or week, but you’re never going to see a permanent removal or reduction of hair.”

Even electrolysis, another semi-permanent hair removal method, has disadvantages as compare to laser hair removal. The procedure is quite time-intensive as one hair follicle is targeted at a time, and only a small area can be treated in a single session. Electrolysis can provide a patient with satisfactory results, but only when performed by a very skilled, very experienced provider. When performed by a less skilled provider, electrolysis may offer only a temporary solution.

Unlike electrolysis, laser hair removal targets many follicles at a time. This means the procedure can be performed much more quickly. This is particularly important on parts of the body with very thick hair, where electrolysis can be quite cumbersome.

When you consider the costs associated with various hair removal methods, laser hair removal still comes out on top. While you’ll pay more up-front, the cost of laser hair removal pales in comparison to what you’ll spend over the course of a lifetime on waxing, shaving supplies and related products and services.

“For most people, laser hair removal is going to be the best approach,” says Nikolskaya. “It’s convenient, affordable and offers permanent hair reduction or removal.”

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